Monday, December 20, 2010

NHESP Update 12

Michael and Marcela, our inspiring teachers

 Dear readers,
Our journey has come to an end. Changed forever we are back home after many heartfelt good bye's. 
A big THANK YOU to our teachers Michael, Marcela and Carina. You were always there for us when we needed you, inspiring and teaching us so much. You have changed our lives and we will forever keep you in our hearts.  

Carina, our ever helpful assistant teacher

Julia and Shiram
            “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be       done without hope and confidence.”
-Julia Daniel

“From the very beginning, from the time we met the teachers and each other, we started learning. We learned throughout the first weeks and months and through the whole semester. All this learning was a gift for us that was given from all the people that we met during the semester. On top of all of it we especially learned from the animals, mountains, valleys, rivers, and all nature around us. Now the semester is coming to an end and we can start using the learned knowledge in our future and everyday life. Just then, when we start using the new knowledge we complete the semester and can feel the true graduation.”
-Armin Weise
  “Hello snowy winter, I love you. My hide is thickening and my antlers are starting to grow. The fear of the future can be transcended, life is beautiful.”
-Pedro Weidner

Tupack and Hannah
           “The art of ending forms in the challenges that we withstood, and the new limits that we reached. Our success is defined by our accomplishments, thus we walk the final walk, and praise our fortunate adventures.”
-Hannah Gelb

           “A finale is what has come, an epic adventure that started so new and ended so old. We thank everyone.”
-Dylan Herman-Dunphy


       “We should not focus on the end. We should focus on the beautiful experiences we’ve had and the beautiful people we experienced it with.”
-Jake Guarino

          “In the beginning we are focused on the vision of the future. In the end we reflect on the knowledge and love of the past. Now, I find myself at the end, but also a new beginning.”
-Gabe Allen
 “I have learned so much from this semester. I have gained a greater perspective on life, and learned to truly appreciate what I already have.”
-Connor Myers
  “A dream we were, a dream we are. Home we go to the ones who love us and there the world waits, open armed. Asked of our adventures, what do we say, what do I say? Time has closed us, time has wrapped us. Only now our cocoon is broken, and out tumbles our beating hearts.”
-Iyla MacArthur

  “Bocas sewed, but minds hover, dive, and jolt. We are not on your level, no not at all. Fifteen brothers and sisters with wild ways. Shared the times. Let loose. Morphed souls.  Yet this story cannot be told in tales but has to be lived. And for this thank you. Where are we? This cold foreign land, comforting smells, iced ground welcomes us. No mass. Let’s soar. Loved ones want us back. But we are torn in two. Transition awaits. Let’s embrace the pain and with our experience, wisdom, love, and spirit change. We’ve soaked up the knowledge and it’s up to every one of us not to throw it away. Take it slow, create, observe, give, dance, balance, endure, and sing. Let’s flow.”
-Hakeem Lewis

           We are on our way!
Our journey has just begun

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